Thursday, 11 August 2016

LUXE Models

Working with Kube Studios

LUXE Models work with Kube Studios to produce portfolios for aspiring models who are looking to break into the industry of professional modelling.

There are thousands of aspiring models out there and LUXE Models have many success stories of helping people break into modelling. If you have a genuine interest in approaching a modelling agency then you’ll need an impressive, eye catching portfolio and that’s something which LUXE Models can help you out with, they’re very good at it too!

LUXE Models – not an agency

LUXE Models aren’t an agency, but they help aspiring models who may not have much experience or knowledge take their first step up the ladder through their guidance and advice.

Learning key skills will certainly help aspiring models to head in the right direction and discover the different avenues that may be available in what is an incredibly competitive industry.

They have two studios in London, one in Birmingham, another large studio complex in Manchester. and a new studio in Miami. There are plenty of options available to you for a range of shots and experiences.

LUXE Models reviews your previous experience and plays to your strengths by making sure you have the right look for each shot.


LUXE Models will book a studio session where the aspiring model can get a taste of the industry. They don’t run separate photo reviewing sessions so it’s best to arrive prepared to make a portfolio decision on the day.

You will need to leave a refundable deposit for your shots just to make sure they’re covered after your shoot. Their packages start at £299, with optional additional promotional goods and services that can be added. Any extras you choose will dictate how much you’ll pay for the services on top of the standard £299.

A career in modelling has so many different avenues, not only do you need the right look, but you also need to be able to work the camera, walk the catwalks and know exactly where your main strengths lie. LUXE Models’ team of industry professionals are there to help you and make sure you know exactly what it’s going to take to make it a success.

Get in touch today

If you’re wondering if modelling could be for you, then it’s worth getting in touch with them. They have a really helpful, friendly team and there are various ways you can contact LUXE Models or just ring their phone number - 020 70430910.

It’s also definitely worth following LUXE Models on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as they offer some really good advice and modelling news. I also get a few ideas from their Pinterest which has some of the latest fashion trends!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Getting out of the City

Getting out of the City - A Models Guide

Camping is something that many people around the world love to do. It is probably one of the oldest types of holiday in the world. It is one way through which people can learn to appreciate the environment and also build relationships. It helps you escape the normal hassles of the urban environment for a while to refresh your mind. Believe it or not, camping is a great way for image models to relax – what could be further away from a photography studio than a forest? Here are some tips to remember if you want to escape the city for a while and let your hair down properly.

Plan in Good Time

You need to consider all the necessities of the camping in good time. This will help you have everything run smoothly during the holiday. Last-minute rushes are never a good idea, and they could really hinder your trip. If you forget something vital, such as a stove, you’re not going to have a very good time. Your choice of location is the first thing even before getting the idea of camping. Know where you are going, what there is to do, and the available safe spots for camping. You could get online to look for options and see more details from tour guides and those that have visited that area before. Making the most of your days in the wilderness is key. Buy enough tinned food for the whole trip, just in case you can’t find local shops. Don’t forget spare cooking gas or a water container, perhaps take 10-20 litres of water in the car just in case of emergency.Read real. Kube Studios Reviews for more tips.

The Right Tent

Picking the right tent isn’t hard, but it does depend on where you want to go. Most locations around England won’t require a specialized tent, but if you are going up to the highlands then you may need to check their wind resistance and durability a bit more closely. The space inside shouldn’t be too much of a consideration, as you won’t be spending that much time in there.If you need more info, check out Startup Models here.


If you live in the city and don’t have a car, don’t feel that its not an option to go camping. You can hire a car quite cheaply from most providers or even club together with friends and take a minivan. Like most people in modelling, image models have great social lives and you might surprise yourself at who wants to come once you mention a big road trip away from the fumes and bustle of the city.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Modelling Advice

Every model has their own idea of fitness and beauty in the modelling business. They also have their own ways of attaining their best. Set your sights high and make good lifestyle choices to give yourself the best chances in your male modelling auditions.

Here is some advice about your daily routine that will boost your image and reflect a healthy glow into the lens. The popular phrase about the bird and the worm is true. Getting up early makes your day feel longer and gives you more room to do activities that affect your life and look positively. Going to the gym before work will improve your concentration and give you a healthy aura.

Even a 30 minute walk will wake up your system and give your breakfast a chance to digest properly. When image is everything, take every step not just to be slim but to be healthy and nourished.

We can’t always hide bad skin from bad diets behind make up. Motivation a problem? Get a trainer. A good trainer will manage your routines much like a gym teacher at school. He’ll make you do things that you don’t want to do but will always have your best interests in mind. Putting on your gym gear when you wake up rather than wasting time with the radio or TV is a good idea.

You will be more likely to get out the door and get the blood flowing. Trainers can help with specific issues too. Need to work on your neck muscles for a body parts job? They’ll know what you need to be doing in preparation for your male modelling shoot.For more modelling advice, read up on Models Direct or Kube Studios

If you are looking for a model agency in London visit this page: London Model Agency.

In short, LUXE Models are one of the best Model Support Services available in the UK. They work alongside numerous model agencies, casting agencies and talent agencies. Their primary objective is to offer objective advice about the suitability of a model, which area of modelling they should look into, and how to best go about it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Is LUXE Models a Good Modelling Platform? Does It Work?

Is LUXE Models a Good Modelling Platform?

There are lots of companies when it comes to modelling and it may be hard to sort out which are good and which are bad (yes, one or two are terrible), especially if you are new to the UK modelling industry.

In short, LUXE Models are one of the best Model Support Services available in the UK. They work alongside numerous model agencies, casting agencies and talent agencies. Their primary objective is to offer objective advice about the suitability of a model, which area of modelling they should look into, and how to best go about it.

What is LUXE Models and how does it work? Review of LUXE Models Agency

Breaking into the modelling industry is not easy, but with the right advice and direction your chances of success are much higher. LUXE Models provide services designed to help you identify which, if any, areas are suited to you. They help with how best to approach agencies, and how to equip yourself with the right portfolio. In the services section you will see the three routes into modelling they provide, one of which will be recommended to you once your needs and potential have been assessed.

Invariably, you will need to establish that modelling is for you. Do you have the look? Are you confident in front of the camera? Are you photogenic? LUXE Models will help you answer these questions, and then identify with you what areas of modelling you are suited to and prepare you to market yourself to the industry.

Is LUXE Models an agency?

LUXE Models is not an agency as they do not find models work, but they do have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the area. The team are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and secure experience in kick starting your modelling career.

With over 12 years’ experience in the industry and a team in both London, Birmingham and Manchester, LUXE Models provides you with the tools you need and on- going support. 
LUXE Models is a company that coaches potential models and offers portfolio shoots and advice to people who want to become a model. Paying for a modelling portfolio will not guarantee you acceptance by a model agency.

Check out @LUXEModelsUK on Twitter.
Also, LUXE Models on Pinterest and LUXE Models on Facebook

Want to know more? Watch this video about LUXE Models’ modelling services:

LUXE Models are using feedback reviews and testimonials on their website. 

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LUXE Models

Kube Studios

Visit Kube Studios and find out more about them in their blog. If you are interested in getting into modelling or becoming a famous fashion model then working with our agency is the best step. You could be rich and famous like Jamie Smith. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Feedback on Prospect Model Management Agency & Modelling Reviews

The Prospect Model management website was copied from Premier Models and it has been shown that the models on their website are also taken from other sites and given new names.

Be very careful if this alleged agency ask you for a test shoot - it will almost certainly involve paying a lot of money for a model portfolio that you do not need. You are unlikely to ever hear from Prospect Model Management again and the portfolio will not be of any use to apply to agencies.

REMEMBER - real model agencies do not advertise for models on Gumtree and do not need to pay for Google adverts to find models - they get far too many applications directly.

As of 10 June 2013 it looks like the Prospect Models website has been taken offline by genuine agency Premier Models claiming breach of copyright.

The Prospect model management Facebook page is acting all innocent saying it is due to "technical issues"! It is not, it is because the Prospect models website was blatantly copied from a real model agency! Sounds like they may be in need of some online reputation management services or online reputation help.