Sunday, 7 July 2013

Feedback on Prospect Model Management Agency & Modelling Reviews

The Prospect Model management website was copied from Premier Models and it has been shown that the models on their website are also taken from other sites and given new names.

Be very careful if this alleged agency ask you for a test shoot - it will almost certainly involve paying a lot of money for a model portfolio that you do not need. You are unlikely to ever hear from Prospect Model Management again and the portfolio will not be of any use to apply to agencies.

REMEMBER - real model agencies do not advertise for models on Gumtree and do not need to pay for Google adverts to find models - they get far too many applications directly.

As of 10 June 2013 it looks like the Prospect Models website has been taken offline by genuine agency Premier Models claiming breach of copyright.

The Prospect model management Facebook page is acting all innocent saying it is due to "technical issues"! It is not, it is because the Prospect models website was blatantly copied from a real model agency! Sounds like they may be in need of some online reputation management services or online reputation help.